Always two thumbs up!

5 Automotive Specialists 9/15/2017

Great service. Professional and done in a timely manner. These guys know what they are doing.

5 Automotive Specialists 9/13/2017

I consider Automotive Specialists professionals. I told them to fix one item, to check oil, and to grease everything. I got back a full report, with photos, of the items they encountered when oiling and greasing that needed attention. They were absolutely right, found the causes of discrepancies quickly, and I am pleased that I left this service with "no stone left unturned" (everything that needed fixing was found in timely and easy style, and was fixed) . Based upon what was needed, and considering parts for my car (1992) are not always readily available, I guessed how much time the work would take. They finished a full day earlier than the minimum time I expected. The work that was done performs well - the car feels well. Given the proofs of excellence, I trust them with my car where I trust few other repair facilities, especially since I am an engineer who once worked as a mechanic. I am not the only one with this opinion: a perfectionist friend of mine, also with a specialty car, is the one who recommended them to me. I give this place five stars, and trust me, they earned this rating.

5 Automotive Specialists 9/4/2017

Great job as always! Quick diagnosis and turn around time!

5 Automotive Specialists 9/1/2017

Great work.

4.5 Automotive Specialists 8/22/2017

I've been bringing my cars to Eric ever since I learned how to drive (so a very long time) Always will work with my budget and always honest unlike other places. Love these guys and will never take my cars anywhere else.

5 Automotive Specialists 8/15/2017


5 Automotive Specialists 8/15/2017

expert technicians - work is always the best quality possible

5 Automotive Specialists 8/9/2017

Excellent work and service as always!

5 Automotive Specialists 7/26/2017

Same as what I said in the other review, fast service and easy to understand reports about the vehicle. And to add, the employees were very knowledgeable and easy to understand when explaining about the vehicle and were passionate about their jobs.

5 Automotive Specialists 7/21/2017